While women in NSW generally experience some positive health impacts such as longer life expectancy, less obesity and less smoking than men, there are also a range of health issues specific to women because of biology (such as reproductive health) or which are experienced disproportionately by women (such as breast cancer). The social determinants of health, including housing, employment and caring responsibilities, also impact on women's opportunities for better health.

NSW Health is providing services and programs targeted to addressing the health needs of women including:

  • healthy lifestyles
  • chronic disease
  • mental health
  • screening (e.g. for cervical cancer)
  • reproductive and sexual health
  • tobacco, alcohol and drugs
  • sexual assault and domestic violence

Because the health needs of women differ, services and programs may be directed towards groups such as Aboriginal women, culturally and linguistically diverse women, women with disability, and delivered in rural and remote locations to support access by women in non-metropolitan areas.

You can find out more about NSW Health services and programs for women on this website and in the NSW Health Women's Health Framework (2013).

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